Taiwanese & European style bakery

About Us

PVEB is a Taiwanese & European style bakery with a simple philosophy – promoting good health and well being.

With Chef Foo’s years of valuable experience, the bakery aims to combine healthy fresh ingredients and the latest baking technology to provide exquisite bread and pastries.

You will be spoilt with choices when stepping into the bakery with the variety of healthy breads, cakes and pastries made by Chef Foo from the finest five grain or whole meal ingredients and unique recipes.

As part of our philosophy to ensure health is enjoyed by all levels of society, all our bread and pastries are priced reasonably to cater to the masses.

We will also come up with new products from time to time,
during special occasions and when fresh ingredients
are in season such as :

  • Healthy European Bread
  • Festive Cake and Delicacies
  • Trendy Cakes and Pastries
  • Moon Cake

To  know more about PVEB confectionery,
please visit [Products] page.