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Health Tips

Having fast-paced lifestyles means we tend to forget the importance of a balanced diet and succumb to a fast and easy fix. With time, our body will be deprived from nutrients necessary for good health and immune system.

We are what we eat. And we understand healthy food is the key to the well being of our body. Thus we only use fresh and high quality dairy products like milk, yogurt and cream imported from Australia, New Zealand, United States and Europe.

Healthy essentials are :

Five Grain Generally it refers to Millet, bean, hemp, wheat and rice. The 5 grain diet boost body immune system and maintains function for our important organ, keeping us healthy and free from many diseases. Benefits of 5 Grain

1. Promote longevity and control body fat
2. Eliminate excessive fat, boost immune system, prevents hypertension, high cholesterol and high blood glucose for healthy and energetic living.
3. Reduce body weight, promote health and fairer skin complexion.
4. Improve the development of both the brain and physic & boost the body immune system.
5. Provide balance and complete nutrient diet to promote health living via health diet.

Rye Rye bread is a whole meal bread. Genuine whole meal bread have light brownish external appearance and relatively rougher internal texture, with richer grain aroma and firmer consistency making every single bite fill with satisfaction. Consuming rye bread regularly prevents and controls diabetes. Different from white bread, rye bread has a lower Glycemic Index (GI), suggesting slower rates of digestion and lowers insulin demand and may improve long term blood glucose control. Rye bread is good for preventing diabetes and benefits people with diabetes.

Glutinous Rice
Black glutinous rice is reputable as “the black pearl” in the orient. It is a type of purple-red coloured short-grained rice and especially sticky when cooked. On top of protein, fat and carbohydrate, black glutinous rice are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B1, B2 and so on.Black glutinous rice is beneficial to chronic illness patient, recovery period patient, pregnant woman, baby and those constantly fatigued.According to the Chinese medicine, black glutinous rice also nourishes the kidney. The black glutinous rice and the Chinese matrimony-vine concoction is good for reducing the dizziness and weaken knee problem from weary kidney. It also nourishes hair to make it black and shiny, is best served with mulberry and black sesame.

Black Soy Beans Research showed that the protein content in the black soybeans is as high as 36%-40%, which is double that of meats, 3 times to egg  and 12 times more protein than milk.The black soybeans do not contain the cholesterol, but the phytosterin which suppress the absorption cholesterol and reduces the cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, black soybeans is good in soften the blood vessel, moistens the skin, and promote longevity. It is particularly beneficial to people with hypertension, heart disease.The black soybeans has therapeutic property and is good for healthy skin and bowel motions as it is an alkali, anti oxidant and fibrous food;.

Black Sugar Black sugar is actually deep dark brown, close to black in colour, therefore called black sugar in Japan and Taiwan, It is called brown sugar in mainland China. Besides providing energy, the black sugar is unrefined sucrose with trace element, like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, folic acid and other mineral substance. It has very high nutritional value and is known for maintaining the body’s acid-base equilibrium.Black sugar syrup help to smoothen woman menstruation as it provide energy and promote blood circulation.Black sugar promotes skin rejuvenation, provides energy and nutrition and promotes cell regeneration. The unique natural enzyme and melanin in black sugar, are affective in redistribute the uneven skin pigmentation making the skin fairer and healthier.

The Black Sesame Black sesame promotes metabolism as it contains many essential amino acids for body, and with Vitamin E and Vitamin B1.The iron and Vitamin E found in black sesame are particularly effective in preventing anemia and reducing blood cholesterol; the unsaturated fatty acid found in black sesame is proven in maintaining good health.From the Chinese medicine perspective, the black sesame is with properties which nourish and restore the internal organ, which is good for preventing the dizziness, premature white hair, hair lost, weak internal organ, fatigue, asthenia, dry skin, and constipation.Black sugar promotes skin rejuvenation, provides energy and nutrition and promotes cell regeneration. The unique natural enzyme and melanin in black sugar, are affective in redistribute the uneven skin pigmentation making the skin fairer and healthier.

The Cream Cheese Cream cheese is a high-calcium dairy product. Every kilogram of cream cheese is made from 10 kilogram of milk, and it is rich in protein, calcium, fat, phosphorus and vitamin and it is 100% natural food.

Cream cheese nutrition analysis:

Dairy product is the good for calcium supplement and cream cheese is one of the dairy with best quality calcium. It enhances the immune system, promotion metabolism, enhancement vitality, good for healthier eye and skin.In addition, the lactobacillus in the cream cheese is vital in maintaining the balance of the bacteria colony in the digestion system to prevent constipation and diarrhea. Cream cheese is high in calories but low in cholesterol, thus it is beneficial for cardiovascular health.